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Self-Employed Mortgage in Tampa and all of Florida – Helping You Get Approved For Your Home Loan or Refinance Quickly and Easily

Self-employed mortgage in Tampa Florida – Mortgage Loan Originator Gem Goktepe has been helping families buy their dream homes for over 20 years. He understands that as a self-employed business owner, it may be challenging to get approved for a home loan.

Gem is passionate about helping business owners enjoy the American dream of owning their own home. His extensive experience and resources allow him to help make business owners’ dreams of home-ownership come true by helping them get approved for a self-employed mortgage so they can buy the home of their dreams at the lowest available interest rates on the market. Mortgage rates and refinance interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 50 years!

With interest rates so low, now is the time to apply for your home loan to lock in your mortgage rate at the lowest rates on the market. Gem and his team will work closely with you to understand your financial situation and select the mortgage program that fits your needs and budget so you can have easy, low monthly payments and save money every month. Gem specializes in helping self-employed individuals.

Working with Pioneer Mortgage Funding, the leading mortgage lenders in Tampa, and throughout Florida, Gem and his team are proud to have helped thousands of self-employed families qualify for a mortgage and buy their dream homes and are the fastest in getting clients approved.

Gem is passionate about helping to make home ownership possible for business owners who may face challenges showing sufficient income to qualify for a home loan. Gem and his team pride themselves on being the most resourceful, most accommodating and fastest mortgage company to process your loan application, and make the entire loan approval process for self-employed mortgage applicants just like you, comfortable and stress-free, even if other lenders have told you that you do not qualify!

Self-employed mortgage specialist, Gem Goktepe is an expert at helping non-qualified self-employed applicants, and can help you obtain your home loan quickly and easily. To get started with your application, call Gem today with no obligation and no commitment at (813) 771-9700…self-employed mortgage expert, Gem Goktepe is ready to help you!

Best Lender For Self Employed in Tampa Can Help You Get Approved Even When Others Have Denied Your Application

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We know that each self-employed applicant has specific needs, so we strive to meet those specific needs with a wide array of products, investment tools, mortgages and best of all the highest quality service and individual attention.  Our expert mortgage lenders for self-employed individuals are here for you, and are ready to help you get your home loan at the lowest interest rate possible.

You could be approved within just a few days when you apply with Mortgage Loan Originator, Gem Goktepe, the best choice for self-employed mortgages in the Tampa area. Click the button below to contact Gem now!

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We Are Happy To Have Helped Thousands Of Clients With Their Self-Employed Mortgages

We are honored to have helped thousands of homeowners throughout Florida get approved for their mortgage or refinance…all at the lowest rates available on the market today!

We provide unsurpassed lending services to clients anywhere in Florida, including Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, Odessa, Dade City, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Naples just to name a few.

Here is what our clients have to say about how Mortgage Loan Originator, Gem Goktepe helped them with their residential loans, refinance loans, home equity loans, commercial loans and special loans such as self-employed loans, bank statement loans, no-income loans, second chance (bankruptcy) loans, divorce refinance and jumbo loans (reviews as seen on Gem Goktepe’s Zillow Profile and Gem Goktepe’s Google Reviews).

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“I’m happy to have helped thousands of happy clients get approved for their loans quickly and easily, and I’m excited to help you too!”

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Gem Goktepe Reviews

Tried to get a loan with other lenders and it never worked out! Gem got the job done for us! And always answered every question I had! If he didn’t answer the phone, he immediately texted to see what was going on. Very reliable!

Rebekah Reineck - Lutz, FL (Self-Employed Loan)

I want to thank Gem for his help in getting my loan approved. He prepared me in advance for everything that was going to happen and everything that was going to be required. As a self-employed individual, getting approval is not so simple, but he helped get me approved. He made the whole process quick and easy. I highly recommend Gem for your lending needs, especially if you have a challenging situation. Gem was a pleasure to work with as well…very accommodating and efficient.

Dina R. - Lutz, FL (Self-Employed, Conventional Loan)

We are self employed couple and always had issues getting a mortgage, Gem worked with us over and beyond call of duty and secured a conventional mortgage at an excellent rate, and closed on time. Highly recommended.

Eddie Maner - Wesley Chapel, FL (Self-Employed, Conventional Loan)

I went with a previous lender it was a horrible experience I ended up losing the house I wanted. I called gem gektepe he got me approved right away, and he has the best team to work with. I closed on the home I wanted with a smile through the whole process. I strongly recommend him and his team. I will be using him again. He’s the best 🥳

Client - Gibsonton, FL (Self-Employed, First Time Home Buyer, FHA Loan)

Definitely very helpful , knowledgeable and great for first time home buyer. He has a positive attitude and willingness to help anytime. I highly recommend.

Ebru Aran - Valrico, FL (Self-Employed Loan)

Agent has provided excellent service with prompt attitude. Very knowledgeable. Great experience. We have worked out every single glitch on our loan process with no difficulties whatsoever based on the help of this agent.

Gokhan Esen - Wesley Chapel, FL (Self-Employed, Conventional Loan)

Mr. Goktepe was a true professional and he listened to our needs first. Once we discussed our budget and determined the game plan, he found the best lender possible. After a very straight-forward loaning process, we purchased our new commercial real estate and closed on it without any issues within a short timeline. Best mortgage experience in my lifetime! We recommend Mr. Goktepe to anyone looking for a mortgage (residential or commercial). He is the ultimate professional. We thank him for all he’s done for us and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Client - Tampa, FL (Self-Employed, Commercial Loan)

Gem was very dedicated and detail oriented throughout the entire process. He kept the closing process on schedule and we would absolutely use him again as a lender.

M. Lapresti - Wesley Chapel, FL (Self-Employed, Conventional Loan)

I had the best help from Gem. He solved all issues about my mortgage very fast. I couldn’t get a loan if Gem didn’t help me. I am so thankful for his service and efforts.

Esra Ersönmez - Tampa, FL (Self-Employed Mortgage Loan)

We had the most pleasant process while working with Gem. We have purchased property before but we have never had someone like Gem help us. He goes above and beyond what you would expect. We works really hard to find you the best deal possible based on your financial situation. Trust me when I tell you that you will not regret giving Gem an opportunity!

Client - Ormond Beach, FL (Self-Employed Loan)

He assisted me in financing my purchase and very helpful. He found me a lower rate than initially quoted. It helped knowing that he had my best interest at heart. I would recommend him.

Client - Tampa, FL (Self-Employed Loan)

We have worked with Gem on 3 transactions since last year. He is very responsive and communicative. He is always available to answer any questions. He is very detailed oriented and thinks about next level in the process. Thank you Gem for being the best!!

Ilker Burnukara - Tampa, FL (Self-Employed, Conventional Loan)

Gem is the one who will make sure you will get what you are looking for. He will try everything for you, he will get you the best rate. Our refinance was almost impossible but he made it! We tried how many times to refinance our home, but most of the banks, mortgage companies and brokers don’t know what they are doing. They all want easy borrower and don’t want to work harder, or they don’t pay attention to details. Gem was on it completely from day one to until end of the closing. He was with us every day and he made sure we got the refinance done in timely matter.

Gulperi Arici - Tampa, FL (Self-Employed, Refinance)

What is a Self-Employed Loan?

Self-employed mortgage or home loans are designed to cater to self-employed business owners, independent contractors or 1099 earners.

Most lending institutions require proof of steady income in the form of W2’s from an employer and tax returns.  However, self-employed individuals may not be able to provide proof of steady and sufficient income in this way, and they often get rejected for a home loan and told that they do not qualify.

Self-employed mortgages allow business owners, independent contractors and 1099 earners to get approved for their loan by providing proof of income in other ways, such as providing personal and corporate bank statements, corporate profit and loss statements, liquid assets such as cash on hand, and other assets.

Unfortunately, many lenders will not go to the efforts of gathering this detailed information from self-employed applicants and are quick to reject the application, making applicants feel like there is no hope to get approved for their mortgage or refinance.

Gem Goktepe and his team are here to help self-employed loan applicants realize that getting approved is possible, and that loan approval is quicker and easier than you may think. Our mortgage brokers are expert self-employed mortgage lenders and can help you get approved so you can close on your new home or get refinanced quickly and easily!

Get started on your self-employed loan application today!

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Benefits of a Self-Employed Loan

Self-employed mortgages are a great option for business owners whose income may not be easily reflected on their tax returns, and whose income may not be steady due to the nature of their business.

With a self-employed home loan, our mortgage experts can help you get approved and get you the best possible interest rates, helping to keep your monthly payments as low as possible.

Mortgage loans for self-employed individuals offer the following benefits:

W2's Not Required

With traditional lending, individuals are required to supply W2’s from an employer in order to get approved. Fortunately, with our self-employed lending, self-employed individuals applying for a mortgage or refinance do not need to worry about showing W2’s from an employer in order to get approved. You can get approved quickly and easily by providing proof of income from your work by submitting your personal and business bank statements for the past 12-36 months.

Steady Income Not Required

With conventional loans obtained through traditional lending institutions, you are required to show proof of steady income to get approved. If you are a business owner, independent contractor or 1099 earner who may go months without income due to the nature of your work, it would be difficult to get approved for a conventional loan. However, if you are able to show income over time, we can help you get approved for your mortgage or refinance with no problem at all.

No Pre-Payment Penalties

With our special self-employed lending terms, one of the benefits is that you will not be charged a penalty if you decide to pay your entire loan amount back early. Some lenders charge a pre-payment penalty of up to 2% of the outstanding principal when mortgage borrowers pay the full amount of their loan early, but with our self-employed loans you don’t have to worry about that!

Quick Approval Process

Traditional mortgage approval may take longer due to the fact that the lender must go through the process of verifying everything about your income with your employer and document it. However, with a self-employed loan that is based on your bank statements and assets, we are able to get you approved more quickly so you can move on with your home purchase or refinance without delay.

Self-Employed Loan Application Requirements

As compared to the traditional mortgage programs, self-employed lending requires very specific information for application.

If you are applying for a self-employed home loan in Florida the following information needs to be provided:

  • Credit Score
  • Business License;
  • Personal and Business Bank Statements;
  • Year-To-Date Profit & Loss Statements For Your Business;
  • Current Debt (to determine debt-to-income ratio);
  • Current Assets;

We are proud to have helped thousands of families throughout the state of Florida make their dreams of owning a home a reality by helping them with their self-employed home loan applications.

Our mortgage experts have extensive experience, and will take the time to sit with you and determine your eligibility for a home loan as well as inform you about the best down payment and monthly payment options…all at the most competitive interest rates available on the market today.

You can rest assured that our lending professionals will make the application process as easy and comfortable for you as possible, leading you through every step of the process efficiently, professionally, and securely, making the application stress-free for you.

As a first step in determining your eligibility for a self-employed mortgage or refinance, we are happy to offer you a free consultation where you will talk one-on-one with a mortgage expert to discuss the details of your eligibility. Give us a call now at (813) 771-9700 to schedule your free consultation with mortgage specialist Gem Goktepe and it will be our pleasure to help you.

Self-Employed Mortgage & Refinance Rates

Our expert self-employed mortgage brokers have access to the lowest mortgage rates on the market.

Having access to a wide range of investment tools and products allows us to offer some of the lowest current mortgage rates in the United States. We can help you possibly save hundreds of dollars a month. Get one of the best deals guaranteed! Speak directly with our home loan experts right now by calling (813) 771-9700.

Self-Employed Loan Mortgage Calculator

For your convenience, you can calculate your estimated monthly mortgage payments using the home loan calculator below. You have the option of having the PDF of the estimated monthly principal and interest payment schedule emailed directly to you as well.

Simply fill out the form below by editing the numbers according to your mortgage amount, estimated interest rate, down payment and terms and click “Calculate” and an amortization schedule will be generated.

Mortgage Calculator

How To Apply For Your Self-Employed Home Loan

Our loan specialists make your home loan application process as quick and easy as possible. With our vast experience, expertise and resources we are able to streamline the whole loan application and approval process to make it faster, easier, and hassle-free. You can get started on your mortgage application as soon as today by contacting Gem today!  Simply fill out the form below and Gem will get in touch with you shortly:

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Our mortgage lenders are passionate about helping people just like you make their dreams of home ownership come true! To get the process started with your home loan application, simply fill out the form below and our mortgage specialists will contact you shortly:

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